Tuesday 21 August 2012

I have been volunteering with GGAT putting sites onto the HER register for a number of weeks now. I decided to participate on this project as I was looking to learn new skills and gain more experience in Archaeology. I have recently completed my Masters in Archaeology but I am always looking to gain more experience to add to my employability. I also thought the idea of helping to create a record of these sites for all to access and for future generations was an exciting idea. I have had experience of excavations before and post-excavation work so this project seemed ideal to learn something new and some new skills that were office and computer-based.

This project was particularly helpful for me to gain more experience as I have just had a baby and would struggle now to get out on excavations. The times that I could volunteer on the project were very flexible which helped me to arrange childcare. The project has been very helpful for me to get used to be being back in a work environment after being on maternity leave and has certainly improved my confidence.
I enjoyed meeting other volunteers on the project and all the staff were very friendly and helpful. I also enjoyed reading about the different sites, whilst putting them onto the record.

I found the software quite hard to use at first but I soon got used to it and understand how to use it now. I always find it useful when doing something new to make sure that I try to do everything on my own after being shown how to do it as I learn better this way and I was encouraged to do this.

It will be unfortunate when this project ends and I hope something else will become available to take its place. This project was an excellent opportunity and I am very grateful that I was accepted to participate in it. 

Sarahjayne Clements, Volunteer

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