Monday 7 October 2013

Volunteering in the HER by Megan Leppard

I have just finished volunteering at GGAT in the Access to Archaeology project. My main reason for participating in this project was in order to gain valuable work experience in the area of archaeology. Whilst volunteering I was given training on how to use the Historic Environment Record (HER) database and was  taught how to add and update archaeological sites and events. At first there was a lot of information to take in at once but with the continued support of Charina and Leonora I became confident enough to do it by myself very quickly.

I am very glad that I was part of this project as I was able to learn more about archaeology in my area and was able to provide and preserve this information for future generations.  All the staff and volunteers at the GGAT were extremely friendly and helpful and I enjoyed my time there. 

Megan Leppard, A2A Volunteer

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