Wednesday 7 October 2015

Emma's Placement with A2A

Hi! I'm Emma and I'm a Cardiff University BA Archaeology undergrad. I volunteered at GGAT in July 2015 for my 4 week summer placement as part of my degree. It was great fun! I had chance to experience various different aspects of archaeology and really enjoyed getting to know the team.
I spent 8 days in total in the HER department working on the Access to Archaeology project with Calli and Charina (who both deserve a big thumbs up for being very patient with me and teaching me the ropes!) At first the HER database seemed very daunting, however, with their perseverance and kindness I felt confident to give it my best try! It was interesting to have a glimpse of some of the various archaeological discoveries found in the Glamorgan-Gwent region.
The staff at GGAT have been great and the experience and skills I have gained is something I will be forever grateful for! If you are considering volunteering for the A2A project, I encourage you to do so. I can guarantee you'll enjoy it and gain lots of valuable experience at the same time.

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