Wednesday 7 October 2015

Volunteering for Access to Archaeology

This was my second year taking part in GGAT's Access to Archaelogy project. After several months away I felt wary about returning to the project. How much would I remember? What if I needed to ask about basic things I could of helped other volunteers with myself just a few months ago?

Fortunately my fears were unfounded. After a quick run through, I picked up things again pretty quickly. This was largely thanks to Leonora and Charina, who are both very welcoming and easy to talk to. If you have any questions they are both easy to approach and there is never any embarrassment caused by asking the same question twice.

Taking part in the project gave me the opportunity to add new skills to my CV including experience with Geographic Information Systems (i.e. MapInfo, Cartographic assessment). I would highly recommend the project to anyone looking to learn new skills to increase their career prospects.

Richard Thomas

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